Humble Beginnings

Every story has a beginning, and ours begins with Nahm Stamm, a visionary and culinary artist. As a child, she was inspired by the leading ladies in her life: her grandmother, mother, and aunt, who taught her to embrace her culture, cook with love and excellence and live a fulfilled life. Through the years, Nahm helped her family with their business, which inspired her to become an entrepreneur. In her young adult years, she studied Art & Fashion and gained experience in hospitality at the highly-rated Four Seasons in Thailand. But Nahm's passion for food and entrepreneurship led her to take a leap of faith and move to America to pursue her dreams. After dining at a Thai restaurant in Atlanta, she realized the guests were not being given a true taste of Thai cuisine. This led her to launch Nahm Fine Thai Cuisine, providing her community with authentic Thai flavors. Nahm's dedication to her craft and her community has paid off. Nahm Fine Thai Cuisine has received countless awards from Wine Spectator Magazine to become the top 100 best restaurants on Open Table nationwide. And through it all, Nahm remains true to her roots and the lessons she learned from her grandmother, mother, and aunt. Every dish at Nahm Fine Thai Cuisine is made with love and excellence, just like the woman who inspired Nahm to pursue her dreams. And with her success, Nahm is creating opportunities for those around her, just like her family did for her. It's a story of inspiration, hard work, and the power of community.