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Meet Our Team

Chef Nahm Stamm


Meet Nahm Stamm, an accomplished entrepreneur, restaurateur, venture capitalist, philanthropist, and advocate for social impact and sustainability. She was born and raised in Thailand, where she learned to appreciate her culture and embrace diversity thanks to the inspirational women in her life - her grandmother, mother, and aunt. Nahm's passion for entrepreneurship started at a young age when she helped her family with their business. She pursued her interest in hospitality, studying Art & Fashion and gaining experience at the esteemed Four Seasons in Thailand. Determined to pursue her dreams, Nahm took a leap of faith and moved to America to create opportunities for herself and those around her. She noticed a lack of authentic Thai cuisine in Atlanta and decided to open her own restaurant in Alpharetta, GA. Over time, her business grew, and she invited her sister to join her team to build a strong hospitality brand. Nahm values excellence, respect for all lives, and making a positive impact on society. Her experiences have inspired and influenced her commitment to diversity and sustainability, making her a true inspiration to those around her.

Chef Nahm Stamm holding a dish

Chef Ong

(executive chef)

Meet Chef Ong, a true culinary champion that is currently the executive chef of Nahm Fine Thai Cuisine. Born and raised in Thailand, he has worked in various high-end restaurants and participated in numerous international culinary events. Chef Ong has honed his culinary skills since graduating from Dusit Thani College. Ong’s exceptional menus once made him among the best top 20 new chefs in Chicago, placing him among the most featured chefs in food publications. He combines authentic Thai ingredients with modern culinary techniques to showcase the depth of the ever-refreshing Thai cuisine. A charitable chef and an enthusiastic learner, his dishes will leave you yearning for more.

Chef Ong, smiling


(general manager)

Hospitality is the key ingredient when building a team at Nahm Fine Thai Cuisine. As General Manager, KJ, has been leading her team to create unforgettable guest experiences for over a decade. KJ's passion for connecting with people was ignited during her studies in Mass Communication at Ramkhamhaeng University in Thailand, and she firmly believes that hospitality is essential to a thriving team. Having traveled from Thailand to London and eventually America, KJ has gained valuable insights into life, people, and hospitality. Her unwavering dedication to pursuing her passion has made her an accomplished General Manager, and her team at Nahm Fine Thai Cuisine is a testament to her perseverance and hard work. KJ's leadership style is built on respect, fairness, and kindness when working with her team, whom she considers a family. Together, they collaborate to provide an unparalleled dining experience for their guests. Thanks to KJ's unwavering commitment to her craft, Nahm Fine Thai Cuisine has become a must-visit destination for both foodies and tourists.

General manater KJ, smiling and posing for a photo